Customising your News Feed on LinkedIn

I received a great query today, asking how to make the news feed on LinkedIn more relevant and personal to someone’s interests.

The below will help you tailor your news feed so you are receiving the updates you actually want to see:

1. Go to your Home Screen
2. Hover over ‘All Updates’ (this shows you a drop down menu)
3. At the bottom of this list click ‘Customise’
4. You may need to log in again to access your Settings
5. A menu will be shown, outlining ‘the updates you see on your home page’ options include:

• New Connections
• Job Opportunities
• Updates shared by connections
• Updates from followed companies
• Trending news
• Group discussions and changes
• Profile changes
• Application updates

6. Untick the ones you want to hide from your news feed and keep the ones you do!

7. Save changes

Hope this helps!


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