Multiple jobs, one employer…. how to format your CV!

A friend of mine has inspired this mornings blog post.  She has been with her present company for over seven years and is currently taking on, what she feels, to be the daunting task of updating her CV and LinkedIn profile.

If like her, you have gone through a number of positions; either moving horizontally, taking on long-term project based assignments or having been promoted over the course of your tenure, you are possibly finding yourself in a similar position and wondering how to outline and explain everything you have done on your CV.

My advice; segregate the positions and do not list everything under your most recent job title. Your aim is to make things transparent and easy for the end reader to understand.

In your professional experience section, firstly, make the company name and initial start date to present/end date your headline. Secondly, on the next line, continue by listing the various job titles that you have had within the company and their respective start and end dates in chronological order with the most recent first.

Example CV Format for long-term duration with one company:

Professional History
Company Name                                                              Start Date – Present/End Date
Job Title                                                                            Start Date – Present / End Date
Outline your responsibilities, skills and key tasks associated with this position.
Job Title                                                                                     Start Date – End Date
Outline your responsibilities, skills and key tasks associated with this position.
Job Title                                                                                    Start Date – End Date
Outline your responsibilities, skills and key tasks associated with this position.

Your descriptions will want to outline the specific tasks against each position, highlight any professional development you have undertaken, keep your skills relevant omitting any that may now be viewed as obsolete, and acknowledge accomplishments.

This will now provide the reader with a snapshot of what you have been doing with the company long-term and spells out the career path and progression you have achieved while there.

This format can be transferred to LinkedIn, but you will have to set up a new job for each position. I do suggest that this format is only followed where there is significant time and different tasks associated with each position.

I hope this is helpful, do let me know your thoughts, comments or if you have any questions.


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