The Best Smile Award

I read a blog yesterday The Importance of Hiring for Great Attitude written by Simone Allan. This was a fresh reminder of the influence and impact positive personalities can have in the working environment.  I think we can all relate to what she has written, which easily illustrates the effect of those working around us.

As Simone points out “Hiring the wrong person for the job not only has financial costs but also has reputation, employee morale, and productivity costs for the organisation.”

Ability clearly has to be a consideration in the hiring process, but when someone oozes energy and enthusiasm in an interview, where possible,there is more to consider than just the stand alone remit.

Employee attitudes should not just be considered at the hiring phase either; as a manager are you recognising and working on colleagues’ attitudes on an ongoing basis?

I had the loveliest 4th class teacher, Mrs. Cassis, in St Marys Elementary School, Lethbridge.  At the end of each month she would award her students for positive behaviour.

smiling-sunThe month I was given the ‘Best Smile Award’ (which consisted of a certificate (with a big smiling sun on it), toothbrush and mini toothpaste), I couldn’t have been prouder. That it was felt I influenced her and my classmates day making it brighter and better…… well the simple fact that I still remember and am a big advocate for smiling (it’s infectious), just shows how a little recognition can have a lasting impact (I think my mom still has the certificate somewhere)!

She was acknowledging and encouraging repeat positive behaviours.  This is something that has stuck with me – in contrast to a work related achievement,sometimes it is a colleagues’ behaviour that can have a big impact. If this can be recognised and encouraged, you are reinforcing the positive attitudes of your employees who subsequently embody the values and culture of your company.

Simply put, hiring for and encouraging positive behaviours in the workplace is a win-win for all involved!

Keep smiling 🙂



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