Don’t be afraid to state your Salary Expectations

An increase in salary is not always the deciding factor to move jobs; but it certainly is a motivator.  If you are going to invest time and energy into a job hunt, spelling out exactly what you are after is the only way to ensure time is not wasted on needless interviews and applications.

'Was my salary expectation a bit too high?'

To discover at the end of the process that the company is offering a lower figure or does not have budget approval for what you are looking for, only frustrates all parties involved.

I believe in transparency, it saves everyone a lot of time.

State your minimum from the onset – it is that simple.


As someone working with job-seekers on a daily basis, this is one of the first things I query (current salary and salary expectations), to ensure we’re all on the same page.   My advice is to be honest and not afraid to share this information.  Your recruiter can only represent you to the best of their ability if you provide them with the information they require to work on your behalf!

  • First; know your minimum requirement
    • Calculated on what you need (standard & cost of living, current expenses etc), with some wiggle room; not want!
    • This gives you your base line and starting point
  • Second; consider your level of expertise, market rates and demand for your skill set
    • Google ‘salary scales’ or recent ‘salary surveys’ for your location – most leading agencies will have localised data on salary bands for your profession based on years of experience in a particular year.
    • For further insight, contact recruiters that specialise in hiring for your profession (do your due diligence: make sure you are speaking with someone credible), they will be able to provide you with market rates based on industry and company type, as well as give you a frank and honest snap-shot of the current market and provide you with appropriate advice and guidance.

Give yourself a range based on the above information, with an element of flexibility for the ‘right’ role!

  • The lowest figure in this range is your minimum salary expectation and should be made clear at the application stage
    • Breath, this is not a set figure, you can reference your full salary scale (€X – €X), clarifying that no less than your minimum will be considered
    • You will likely be asked why, so ensure you can qualify your reasoning (previous/current salary + market rates + skill level and ability + professional certifications etc); your above research will cover this nicely!

This will ensure as you engage in the interview process that budget should not be an issue come offer stage.  Learning more about you, the position and company will help influence and determine a fair and reasonable figure within your salary scale for both parties.


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