Listing Key Technical Skills on your CV

The key technical skills section on your CV is to highlight the technology you are specifically strong at supporting or developing based on commercial experience.

When it comes to an interview, you will be asked to talk through your experience to date and can be queried on any of the technologies you have outlined on your CV.

Do not put yourself in a position where you cannot talk in-depth about anything listed.

A common mistake I see among junior candidates for example is noting Windows Server 20XX R2 when what they have actually done is password resets via Active Directory. Overreaching your experience will leave you vulnerable and babbling about areas you have no commercial exposure to.

Keep your experience real and relevant!

Do not list everything you have ever worked with; rather focus on outlining technologies:

  1. relevant to the role you are applying to
  2. those you have been working with consistently for a duration of time* (2-5 years) and
  3. which you are particularly strong in supporting/developing

Endeavour to keep this list to no more than 10 key technical tasks, systems, and/or programmes you can hit the ground running with in a live production environment.

If you are a graduate, you want to clarify what you are listing is theoretical &/or lab based experience. Title this section Key Theoretical & Lab based Skills.  Again, think what you are best at and focus on outlining these areas rather than listing everything you studied/practiced in your Degree course.

For further tips on preparing your technical CV and what should be included; read: The Kiss of life for the Technical CV  and for a Sample Template view: Technical CV Template

*Accepting that new tech is constantly being updated and developed, extensive experience may not be a deciding criteria.  


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