When to ask for a Salary Review?

When it comes to looking for a salary review, it is important to put the business hat on and keep in mind that annual tenure based compensation is on the decline and focus on your performance, contribution and impact

A salary review & increase should be aligned to organisational needs and the employees performance and contributions to the business, based on predefined objectives. The purpose of these objectives is to encourage high performance and subsequently reward an individual for their achievements.

Following on from Preparing for a Performance Review you want to be utilising the outlined Review Document, as this will assist in presenting your business case for a salary review.

To justify an increase, you want to have been expanding upon your responsibilities; (helping your own/other teams/departments, thinking at a business level regarding wider operational solutions, processes & procedures etc); if not, then you’re already being paid for the job you were hired for, and if nothing has changed, then why should your salary?

Utilising the Review Document to Determine Salary Request Suitability

To recap:

  • Responsibilities / Actions =  the objectives you are assigned and your subsequent actions taken to achieve them
  • Limitations = roadblocks to your responsibilities.
  • Proposed Actions = action list showcasing the most appropriate solutions to address limitations.
  • Additional Achievements = extra actions you’ve undertaken to better your position, achieve goals, assisting those around you and/or the business in other areas.

Should your content reside primarily within the Blue and Red Columns then it is unlikely that now is the right time to be looking for a raise.  Remember, you’ve been hired to do a job and you are doing it, having not progressed outside of this remit, generally speaking, would lack a business case for a salary increase.

In my opinion, you want to be working well within the Orange and Green columns of the Review Doc.  When you are capable of suggesting viable solutions to better your position, you are understanding your role at a greater level and have the capability of impacting the role as it aligns to the business, likely effecting others. ***I will prefix this noting there would need to be consistency around this and not just a once-off instance.

When you document your undertakings and achievements in the Review Doc, it is very difficult for any Manager to not acknowledge the growth and development within your position.

Open communication and feedback with your Manager is vital in this process to ensure career planning expectations can be set and met.  Constructive dialogue within your reviews is imperative to ensure that your solutions and the additional tasks you have undertaken are correctly aligned to business needs and allow for progression and development. If so, then you are making your manager’s job a lot easier by handing them the business case they require to process or request the salary increase on your behalf.


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