Thinking about moving into Management?

Hear from the experts what it is like to transition from a technical position into management and what core skills are required to be successful! … More Thinking about moving into Management?


Taking Control in Interviews by talking through your CV

Typically, when it comes to interviews, you will be asked to talk through your CV.  This is a simple technique to try and put you at ease and get you comfortable speaking about content you are familiar with. This should be the easy part, you know what you have been doing in your previous positions and explaining … More Taking Control in Interviews by talking through your CV

Offer Negotiations

In all my dealings, I have never come across a situation where a company has completely undercut on an offer, when realistic and justified salary expectations were clarified from the onset. As per “Don’t be afraid to state your Salary Expectations” this is why I advocate transparency, it offsets a lot of apprehension and anxiety associated … More Offer Negotiations